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Actionable answers.

Economic analysis reveals hidden relationships and uncovers unforeseen potential. It permits us to tackle your problems at a deeper level than other analytical techniques, and provides you with a principled and disciplined approach to answering critical questions about your business:


  • What risk-cost-benefit profile does a new drug candidate have?

  • What is the optimal price for a new drug?

  • What will be the impact of a price change to market share?

  • What is the economic impact of a new market entrant?

  • How can I accurately forecast sales?

  • What budget allocation optimizes ROI?

  • What is the optimal promotional mix?

  • What was the average marginal return for each promotional channel?

  • What product sampling level is most appropriate?

  • What unexpected, measurable benefits accrue to patients in a clinical trial?


The blending of economic analysis with deep industry expertise is our comparative advantage. We apply rigorous analytical techniques to explore tough questions that do not yield easily to standard approaches.

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