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Fast. Nimble. Precise.

The methods we bring to each project are among the most advanced available, and encompass applied and proven analytical techniques:


  • Applied statistics

  • Machine learning

  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) modeling

  • Data mining

  • Data warehousing/OLAP

  • Econometric analysis and modeling

  • Microsimulation modeling

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Optimization

  • Pharmacoeconomics

  • Pricing analysis and modeling

  • Response and attrition modeling

  • Cost/risk/benefit analysis and modeling

  • ROI and NPV analysis

  • Sensitivity analysis


We are fluent in all of the standard tools of quantitative analysis and routinely develop solutions using multiple tools and methodological approaches. However we are not constrained by the limitations of existing applications and languages. When problems do not yield to traditional techniques, we devise new ways to solve them.

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