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SafeUseNow℠ Prescription Drug Abuse Risk Prediction

Identifying high risk combinations of prescribers, patients, and pharmacies, and intervening to reduce risk and cost

Class: Controlled substance drugs (CII - CV)
Prescribers: >150,000

Patients: 3.2 million
Pharmacies: > 20,000

Validated ROI: $11 million

IP Rights StatusAvailable for license


What if you could identify and stop prescription drug abuse directly at the source? That is now possible with SafeUseNow, an innovative prescription drug abuse risk identification and intervention program. SafeUseNow uses its industry-leading risk prediction algorithm to predict combinations of prescribers, patients, and pharmacies at risk for the misuse, abuse, addiction, and diversion of controlled substance drugs.


SafeUseNow offers a clinically validated solution utilizing advanced data analytics and predictive modeling to identify combinations of prescribers, patients and pharmacies at risk of contributing to the prescription drug abuse problem. This actionable information enables healthcare stakeholders, including health insurance plans, self-insured companies, hospitals, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to teach prescribers how to treat their patients more safely and effectively. SafeUseNow also allows customers to proactively monitor prescribing patterns for early detection of changes in prescribing trends and behavior.


In a 3-year pilot program with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the SafeUseNow program achieved clinical and statistical significant in eight of nine endpoints, resulting in more than $11M in pharmacy and medical cost savings to the health plan.


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